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Live Lectures At The Fair

Saturday April 9th
16.00 CET The Enamel Jungle of David Webb (English) Mrs F. Kranendonk,
17.00 Fake or Fortune, paintings (English) Mr N. de Boer
18.00 Collecting intaglio casts, Grand Tour (English) Mr R. Schreuder

Zoom link for Saturday, 100 participants:

Sunday April 10th
16.00 CET A Dutch Amsterdam longcase clock (English) Mr. J. Meis
17.00 Fantastic Beasts in Works of Art,… (Dutch) Mr. M. Verhaar
18.00 The artistic and economic development of René Lalique (1860-1945) (English) Mr. L. Booij

Zoom link for Sunday, 100 participants:

Lecture Summaries:

Saturday April 9th at 16.00 CET

The Enamel Jungle of David Webb (English)

Mrs. Fleur van Kranendonk Duffels, VKD Jewels

A short history of the life and work of the imaginative jewellery designer from New York that won the respect of the White House circle in the 1960s with his bold and innovative creations.

Saturday April 9th at 17.00 CET

Fake or Fortune (English)

Mr Niels de Boer, 17th century paintings, Kunsthandel Boer

The chances and impossibilities in the art market.

Buying art in auctions is exciting but not entirely without risk.

Some practical examples of hidden masterpieces, outright fakes and works of art that don’t appear what they should be.

Saturday April 9th 18.00 CET

Collecting intaglio casts on the Grand Tour (English)

Mr Robert Schreuder, Antiques dealer, the Grand Tour, Neoclassical and Empire periods

Casts of gems in plaster or red sulphur were very on demand by travelers on their Grand Tour in Italy. In this short lecture Robert Schreuder will take you into this fascinating world, explaining about the technique, showing intaglios sets made by the most renowned makers of their time. We will also look at some stunning examples in museums in London, Germany and Amsterdam. Finally, a close a look at a very special collectors cabinet with red sulphur intaglios that Robert presents during DAAF.

Sunday April 10th at 16.00 CET

A Dutch Amsterdam longcase clock with full calendar and ships automaton made circa 1760. (English)

Mr Jos Meis, Gude & Meis Clocks

There will be a brief narration on the development of the Amsterdam longcase clocks. The stylistic features and the symbolism of the ornament of the case will be covered, just as the functions and indications of the movement. Finally the ships automaton will be discussed including the iconography and symbolic meaning of it.

Sunday April 10th at 17.00 CET

Fantastic Beasts in Works of Art from the Middle Ages (Dutch)

Mr Meindert Verhaar, Verhaar Antiques Middle Ages & Early Renaissance

Many of the imaginary beasts that populate our modern fantasy world and games, like unicorns, dragons, and griffins, appear in illuminated manuscripts, stone sculpture, and enamels from the Late Middle Ages: 11th - 15th century..

Medieval Europeans were familiar with their own horses, dogs, foxes, and cows, but also with animals from faraway lands, as described in manuscripts called bestiary, such as elephants, tigers and lions. These were also mixed together with beasts that we now know to be fantastical but which nevertheless captured the medieval imagination.

Romanesque capitals and Limoges enamels can help us to shed some light on works of art from the Middle Ages, rich with sybolism and imagery.

Sunday April 10th at 18.00 CET

The artistic and economic development of René Lalique (1860-1945)

Mr. Lennart Booij, Booij Arts