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How The DAAF Works

The DAAF online antiques fair works in much the same way as a physical antiques fair, except for the limited number of objects per exhibitor and that items can not be held or touched. Our platform attempts to recreate much of the experience that visitors would have during a physical fair. Exhibitors can be visited individually or by going through their objects by keyword- or by category search.

Each item featured on our website during the online fair is from a reputable dealer affiliated to the KVHOK and CINOA associations, meaning the objects offered are of a high standard and sold by leading experts in their field. Items listed on The DAAF will be displayed in several images alongside details such as a description, bibliography, condition and price. Exhibitors’ profiles or booths have detailed contact information of each seller, giving customers easy access and enquire about specific items. Purchase Here buttons will lead you to the object on the site of an individual dealer.

The site features the option to ‘bookmark’ various items, that viewers may want to look at again. When selected, it will pop up in a row alongside your other selected items, at the bottom of your screen.