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The Fair Organisers

THE DAAF, which is being organised by five Dutch art and antiques dealers, found its origin during a Zoom session of the Royal Dutch Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (KVHOK) in January. During the meeting the dealers noticed the demand for an online event and randomly five dealers raised their hands to help organise the event. 20 dealers were needed to break-even, 45 dealers are now participating ! It is a no-nonsense straightforward website, where the dealers present 21 objects each, so there will be nearly 1.000 objects in wide range of specialties. It was felt that the strength would particularly lay in the cross fertilisation amongst the various dealers and disciplines, all of excellent standing and reputation.

Organisation has been a practical affair, with each of the five organisers appointed to be account manager of nine participating dealers. Dealers communicating with dealers just works!

Fair Committee

Foto thedaaf homepage
Mrs. Fleur van Kranendonk Duffels
Dagmar van Weeghel 2020
Mr. Floris van der Ven
RJ de Jonge
Mr. Robert Jan de Jonge
Willem Lameris
Mr. Willem Laméris